Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

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This 2 day Leadership training course increases your awareness of your current leadership style and abilities. The more leadership styles you have, the more situations you can handle. You will also appreciate the impact your leadership style has on those who work with you.

The Leadership training course then provides you with a tool-kit of ideas to increase your leadership skills back in the workplace.
This Leadership training course is designed to help all managers and leaders develop the essential skills to influence and motivate your staff to achieve exceptional performance.


After this Leadership training course, you will:

  • Gain greater understanding of a leaders responsibilities.
  • Create and maintain an efficient, effective, and motivated team.
  • Maximize your team performance by understanding human behavior and focusing on the needs of the individual and the team.
  • Improve your ability to communicate with the team and your customers.
  • Strengthen your techniques for managing the performance of the team.
  1. Leadership:
    • The principles of leadership
    • How people lead and influence others
    • Types of power leaders possess
    • Techniques for developing power
    • Attributes of effective leaders
    • Who does the leader serve?
  2. Motivation:
    • Principles of motivation
    • Motivation techniques to use with your team
    • Factors affecting motivation
  3. Social Styles of Leaders:
    • Your style and its impact on your leadership
    • The behavioral style of others
    • Understand the behavioral styles of individuals
    • Dimensions of assertiveness that affect your leadership style
    • Style observation rules
  4. Relationship Management:
    • Building productive relationships with others
    • Techniques for influencing others
    • Conflict management concepts
    • Techniques for building rapport with different personalities
    • The various styles of conflict management and their applications in the work place
  5. Communication Techniques:
    • Effective listening skills
    • The concepts and importance of communication
    • Preferred communication channels, methods, and styles
    • Verbalizing expectations in a clear manner
    • Breaking down barriers to create effective communications
  6. Decision Making, Delegation, and Problem Solving:
    • Decision making elements
    • Making decisions with confidence
    • S.M.A.R.T. outcome criteria
    • Delegation principles
    • Proven problem-solving approaches
    • Common pitfalls in effective decision making
  7. Performance Management:
    • Effective performance management
    • Leaders' responsibilities for evaluating, reprimanding, and counseling staff
    • Preparing for performance management discussions
    • Conducting performance management discussions
    • Evaluating performance expectations objectively
    • Reprimanding and counseling sessions

Discussion: Bilingual

Material: English


2 Days

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